About Me

I believe that life takes you where you need to go.  For me life made sure that I became a healer.  I didn’t consciously plan this.  I was building Custom Homes in the Toronto, ON region, and was doing quite well for myself and my family.  I also came from a Venture Capital background, as a Corporate Officer and Director, and am a BA graduate from the University of Guelph, ON.

Those years are a distant past to me, as in the year 2001 my life was given new purpose.  I was shown that a wonderful world of healing existed, and I was to be part of it.  It soon became my reality that this was my life’s purpose.  During the next four years I completed successful healing’s for hundreds of people.

Being an Energy Healer, and working with Holy Spirit/Love, requires an intense amount of internal work.  I have spent an intense and very focused 5 years from 2005 to 2010 getting my internal house in order.  I had to close my healing practice during this time and undergo years of radical life transformation.  It was a journey that required much self analyses and healing to shift away from using random energies, and ultimately to open me up to Holy Spirit. (There are over 500 energies Humans can access).  Although it is easy to access the healing energies,  it is something else to be effective at accessing and channelling Holy Spirit energy.  This took me years to accomplish.

Being a Holy Spirit Energy Healer requires being 100% in alignment with Holy Spirit, Angels and the Forces of Light.  If not, the difference can mean having either a lot of Energy flowing through to heal with, or just a trickle. The more Holy Spirit Energy that flows, the quicker and more effective the healings.

I look forward to helping you heal.