I have tremendous respect for Ho’oponopono.  It is easy to do and it can be very effective.  It is a life skill worth learning.  As well it will allow you to participate in the healings that Holy Spirit, Unconditional Love, the Angels and I will be doing for you. 

Many people have told me how they have previously tried Ho’oponopono and that nothing changed for them.  The method I recommend is different than the traditional version, and it is one the Angels have shown to me.

(Joe Vitale provides a very interesting story about the effectiveness and technique of Zero Limits Ho’oponopono and it is well worth reading (Read Story)).

The key to this version of Ho’oponopono is to search out the feelings of stress, anxiety, or tension held in our bodies, while doing Ho’oponopono.

It is a spiritual truth that everything that shows up in our lives is there for a reason and for our highest good of clearing ourselves and our returning to the Light.  Even if we don’t see it at the time.  It is also a spiritual truth that before we incarnated we chose our life plan and the major events of our lives.  In this time of Ascension we did so to free ourselves of past life Karmic issues and to open us to the Light in this lifetime.  Sometimes this has involved major pain in our lives.  I don’t see pain as negative, many of my greatest insights have come from when I was in pain.  Can’t say I enjoyed it though 🙂  However I would not be honest with myself if I didn’t acknowledge that this lifetime is one I created for myself.  That is the purpose of this version of Ho’oponopono, to acknowledge our creations (this lifetime and past lifetimes). 

I understand that Women in particular are prone to falling into guilt patterns.  If this is coming up for you when you do this version of Ho’oponopono then let’s talk, because the perspective you should be doing this from is not the mothers perspective, it is from the perspective of a Soul who has traveled many lifetimes and had many experiences and is here to clean and release much accumulated Karma and issues brought forward from many past lives.  Please don’t just give up.  Let the tears come… that is an excellent sign that things are shifting!!!!!!!

Holy Spirit version of Ho’oponopono:

Speaking out loud call upon Holy Spirit, Unconditional Love, your Angels and the Angels working with me to heal you and to release you from this dynamic in your life.  Calling on specific Light Beings to help makes the energy much stronger.  I work with the energy of Holy Spirit, Unconditional Love and Angels primarily, but you can substitute as you feel appropriate.

Bring to mind anyone or situations with whom you do not feel total alignment or support, etc. including yourself if you are experiencing trouble or illness.

Seek out with your attention a ball of stress that usually builds up in our chest/heart/solar plexus area.  Focus on that feeling of stress, anxiety, or tension.  It usually appears or is obvious when we have identified something that we are not in alignment with.

It is possible to do this version simply by feeling the emotion or stress that we feel in our chest.  It is not necessary to even know why we are feeling this, or research it, or understand it.  It is enough to be aware of the tension or ball of energy in our chests.

While focusing on the feelings of stress, anxiety, or tension in our chest accept responsibility for everything you are experiencing by repeating the following:

I created this, I am responsible,

I am sorry, I love you,

Please forgive me,

Holy Spirit help me!

Do so for however long it feels right or feels needed.  I suggest a min of 12 min to create the best results.

The final test is that the ball of stress should be gone or much improved, also can you see the situation or person or think of them without feeling any negative emotions. If you do feel negative emotions when you visualize them, then wait an hour or two and then do the process again.  This is helpful to do at least once a day.

Once we start working together, it is helpful to look at Ho’oponopono as you communicating directly with my angels.  When you do Holy Spirit Ho’oponopono you are basically giving my Angels permission to do healing for you, and to send Holy Spirit Energies your way when I channel it. 

If you are one of those people who have had little or no success with the traditional Ho’oponopono then please let me know as you probably have blocks that need to be cleared.