Really Strong Entities That Control Your Life

Some entities are out to control Human Beings.  They do this in a variety of ways, but most involve direct communication between the entity and the Human Being, with the entity literally telling the Human Being what he or she can or cannot do.

This control develops over time as the Human Being increasingly follows “a voice” in its head that guides it.  The more the Human gives in to the manipulations (often petty demands or threats) of the entity, the more control is surrendered to the entity, until the Human doesn’t do anything without approval.  

Other entities are just after plain old fashioned revenge and domination, and engage in psychic attacks to make the Human Beings’ life pure living hell on Earth.  These entities would love to destroy or at least make the Human suffer.

Another type of entity is the type that wants to live vicariously through the Human Being.  Enjoying the pleasures or pains of the flesh, through the Human Being, and so steers the Human into a variety of different pleasures or pains… be they sexual, overeating, alcohol, smoking, self mutilation, starvation, or anything else that the entity fancies… he/she gets the Human to do it, over and over again.  

These entities consider themselves ALL POWERFUL, and try to convince the Human that they are.  Often they succeed and force the Human into a life of isolation by threatening that their all powerful greatness will exact revenge if they socialize.  Unfortunately this puts the Human under the total control of the entity as the Human is now totally isolated and cannot find the help that is needed.  I receive calls for help from people who quite literally are afraid to go outside or meet with people because of the fear of what the entity will do.  Often I never hear from those people again because the entity makes sure that they never call me again to get the help they need.

Here are some symptoms that are fairly universal for people affected by these strong controlling entities:
Anger; rage; blocked to love; loss of positive emotional expression; no energy; depression; physical pain and suffering; compulsions; abandoned by family and friends; rashes and scratches on body that appear out of nowhere; suicidal thoughts; a barrage of negative voices constantly battering at them; forgetting conversations and forgetting the ways to get help; entities that pretend to be guiding and helping; entities that threaten family and friends with death or harm; false teacher entities; false spiritual entities; fear of the entities launching into/taking over family and friends if they look them in the eyes; mind control actually used on others around the infected person; nightmares; sleep walking; sleep deprivation; the entities can be felt moving around in their body; very negative energy given off which causes others to react negatively to their presence.  

Things Floating in The Air.  

If you have things floating in the air in front of you, then you know you have an exceptionally strong entity as this demands lots of energy on their part.  This does not make them evil or controlling or anything you should be afraid of.  These entities could simply be show offs.  Among my abundant experiences with the paranormal I used to have my bed pillows float up and drift across the bedroom at head height, eventually to land on me while I watched.  Some educations are best had first hand 🙂

There Are Very Few Things That Surprise Me Any More

By this point I am pretty sure I have seen and experienced and healed the full repertoire of entity abilities and demonstrations.  The knowledge that takes away all fear is that they all have to give way to Holy Spirit, the Light, Love, and Archangels.  That being said I consider the strongest and worst entities the ones who actively try to take someone’s life over and control their lives.  These strong entities use mind control and emotional control, threats, and pain to get their way.  One of the biggest challenges in helping people affected in this way is overcoming their belief that these entities are all powerful and that the Light can’t remove them or protect them.  It is understandable that they see things this way as they have usually been under the entities control for years and often many healers have failed them.  They also see the people around them unknowingly affected by their entities and couldn’t do anything to stop it by themselves.  This renders them powerless and fearful.
I know helping these people is one of my life’s missions, and I know that we will and do free them.  Light and Love and Archangels overcome anything!

Entities who drain our energies to strengthen themselves

OM the Entity and the characteristic of a really strong entity