Testimonial Of Hearing Voices

This testimonial is an important one because I get many many calls from people who hear voices, and can be diagnosed schizophrenic.  This is an accurate picture of our work together and I really appreciate Tina sharing this with all of you.

Hi Audwin,

Just a quick note to let you know how much you have helped me to overcome an entity situation that I was having. I was experiencing a great deal of hearing voices to the point where the doctors had diagnosed me with schizophrenia.  I was trying to take some medicine that they gave me and it had so many side effects, I just couldn’t even bother to take it. 

I knew there had to be a reason for this. I am 45 years old and never had problems before with mental illness, and to the point of being schizophrenic. I still was able to handle my life .. pay bills and take care of myself but the voices were talking to me all of the time. It was affecting my ability to enjoy life as they were a bit abusive at times and making me question everything in my life. Since working with Audwin, I have learned that these voices are really what is called a psychic attack from opening up to being more psychic which I had been doing. I had started to channel higher energy vibration, and I had not learned how to protect myself from the lower level vibrations and entities that pretty much hang out at one level above Earth, which can be very dangerous to tap into if you lose control. The entities that are in this lower vibration energy can have very dark thoughts of fear, guilt, shame, anger, resentment. Often it is a lost soul that has recently died and is confused and has not made it to the light. 

Some of the voices were also talking to me about specific things in my life that I had refused to look at in detail.  This was the confusing part. They knew so much about me and my life and my fears and areas of where I beat myself up.  Audwin quickly knew what to do to help me. Since the first day of him helping me, I started to feel better instantly. I could feel the veil lifting so speak and could feel that things were getting better. Audwin gave me prayers to say anytime that I was feeling bad and told me to say them at least 3 times per day. Those prayers were the only things that made sense when things were getting out of hand!

I now know that the prayers help to create a team of angels and helpers in the spirit world that build protection around you. The more that you say it the stronger your aura becomes to not be subjected to this lower vibration energy that can be rather dark. I also learned through Audwin that you need to stay grounded when things like this happen. Eating the right food for your body and taking dead sea salt baths can also help to ground you to Mother Earth and help you to stay in your body so that you are not being subjected to these type of psychic attacks. 

Audwin is a gifted healer and is very patient with situations like these. He knows exactly what to do to assist you in clearing the entities and lost souls that are trying to communicate with you. Ultimately, everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why we attract these situations. Audwin also helped me to understand that and to not blame the entities for their part in this.  I would recommend Audwin to anyone that has a situation where they feel like lower level vibration is taking over their life.  His services come at a reasonable fee which is also greatly appreciated for those that could use the extra help and may not have a great deal of money to spend!

Thanks so much Audwin for your expertise and wisdom and compassion! I could not have done this without you!  You truly were a lifesaver to me!

Thank You,
Tina J.